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Budgeting, planning, managing

We worked round the clock from morning to dusk: While Dean was looking after all the financial aspects I was working on the floorplan  (and teaching myself how to use autocad!) to toss solutions around with a focus on ‘maximum visual impact’ and added value. Dean did pretty much all the contractors’ managing – it was a blokes’ job and these cockney guys would not take me too seriously anyway! We raved the internet for end-of-line designers’ tiles, flooring and bathroom suites and travelled back and forth everyday to Builders Depo to replenish the materials’ stock.

What we’ve learnt (the hard way!) is that Project-Managing is not easy and should be left to the experts, unless you have plenty of time to overcome the same issue more the once! But I will explain this in details in my next post.


Comments, anyone?

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