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Project Managing or not?

Unless you have plenty of time and some experience in the industry I would strongly recommend to project manage your own project, especially if you are on a BTL mortage. You will be paying your monthly repayment rates upon completion and any delay to get your property ready to let will result in a loss of money. Also, when hiring contractors do not forget to negotiate a fixed deadline with penalty clauses – This is what we will be doing next, for sure!

Good, reliable tradesmen are very difficult to find : Either they speak poor English (resulting in miscommunication issues ) or they slack too much (or even not turning up at work) or they simply are Cowboy Builders! We experienced the thrill of all of the categories above:  A Chinese man who needed subtitles, a London chap who enjoyed too many beers and a Polish gentleman who simply did an awful job!


Comments, anyone?

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