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Just registered for Ecobuild, 20,22 March 2012

Ecobuild is the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment.  As responsible landlords and property developers we care a lot about the environment and innovation in building construction and we are thrilled to find out more about sustainable materials!

So far, for our last project we kept the zero landfill word in mind and we have established some little green credentials ourselves like :

rather than buying brand new furniture we restored beautiful pieces of antiques  like a 1800’s dining table and an art deco sideboard as part of our modern vintage design.

we made sure the loft was fully insulated, that together with double-glazing throughout the property will keep energy costs down.

we only used organic paint and non-toxic materials.

we provided our tennants with all the information from the local council and produced a how-to manual for composting and reclycling.

I am really, really excited about Ecobuild and especially about its free seminars – practical advice from real-life experience and live demonstrations. Ecobuild is also a great opportunity for organisations to come together, debate the issues, make contacts, access information and above all show that green building is good for people, planet and profit.


Comments, anyone?

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