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Landlord & Lettings Show: Day 1

Day 1 @ The Barbican was very resourceful. Pleasantly surprised by the high profile speakers at the seminars we attended “Buy to let funding: more opportunities than pitfalls?” by David Whittaker from Mortgages for Business and  “The future of buy-to-let investment” by Kate Faulkner from Designs on Property.

Katie blew me away, not only what she said made a lot of sense but we happily realised that we pretty much followed every single step she pointed as crucial in property investment. Her seminar focused on how to set the right goal when investing in the industry, her buy-to-let checklist does include the following:

Setting clear objective for your property investment,

Work out how long you can tie up your money for, rg 10 years, 20 years,

Research demand and supply for property to rent now and in the future,

Sign up any local authority landlord accreditation scheme,

Make sure yields are 7%,

Decide on exit strategy via a financial and property tax specialist,

Find five potential properties to buy and let,

Compare financial returns for each property,

Make an offer (try to secure 10% below market value)




Comments, anyone?

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