Before and After / Muswell House

A new life for an old friend

Whenever I see an antique table I can’t help wonder how fascinating its story must be. If  the table could speak he would be able to tell me amazing tales about its different journeys from the time he was born as a tree, to the many households it changed, the people who sat around it, breaking bread with friends and family, the turn of a century with its wars, upheavals and so on. Its a piece of living history here to remind us how ever-changing life is.

I cant’ believe this beautiful table was left behind when we bought the Muswell House.  Its a fine example of 1860’s Victorian furniture marking the era of the Industrial Revolution in Birmingham. It extends with patent Joseph Fitter wind-out action – which was amazing technology back then!

The table was in pretty bad shaped. Since the house be bought had been empty for quite some time, the table had been left ajar a window with consequent signs of sun damage.

I am no expert in restoring antiques but with a bit of elbow grease, a good read and some youtube DIY tutorials I managed to bring the table back to life again.

Sanding down the whole surface has been tough. Starting with coarse and finishing with fine sandpaper.  I then poured water to the surface to raise the wood grain and pat dry. This prevents the wood grain to raise during the staining process leaving an un-even surface.

Last step was wood stain and gloss.

The table is now a beautiful feature in Muswell House  and it goes perfectly with my modern vintage decor.


Comments, anyone?

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