Things we liked (and reviewed)

Things that piqued my attention

When it comes to light switches there is only one adjective I can think of: B-O-R-I-N-G. While not appealing to everyone’s taste a few of you of you might find these gadgets very interesting.

Swarovsky Crystal Light Switches. I can easily picture these at the Playboy’s Mansion and I am sure Katie Price loves them too!

TAPTILE Touch Sensitive Switches. This beauty is what we are looking for The Bow Den Project. Just trying to work out a solution to integrate spa-bath, bathroom and mirror light with a 3-gang stylish switch.

Moodpod projector. We luuurve sensory lighting and bought one pod for The Bow Den. Small on size, but very impressive in effects, this amazing little device projects subtle and relaxing ocean waves to walls and ceilings. It also feature a 3.5mm audio jack and built in speaker to play music directly from my MP3 player. Well worth the money.



Comments, anyone?

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