Interestingness around Bow

Best bites in Bow

There are a zillion places you might want to try you live in E3. One good thing about living in The Bow Den is the proximity to a variety of nice cafes and restaurants either walking distance or a short tube ride away.

Here’s my favourite selection:

Matsu  is a Japanese eatery, Live Music Venue and Photographers Gallery:  just the perfect if you fancy japanese cuisine and sushi and do not feel like wearing a tie, your evening gown and fake pearls. It is relaxed, friendly, and the food is really good for the money you pay.

Fat Cat is tucked away along side the canal in Bow. Ideal for brunch, lunch or dinners: great food, relaxed atmosphere and friendly service with a smile.

Zeera is located in the heart of the regenerated Mile End Park – the ‘green lung’ of East London and is fast becoming the chosen favourite amongst ‘curry’ lovers.

Thai Room is apparently the best Thai in the neighbourhood: Authentic Thai cuisine, cooked fresh to order, including some of the most exciting and exotic flavours of the Far East


Comments, anyone?

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