The Bow Den

Feng Shui-ing The Bow Den

 The Bow Den will incorporate all of the five elements and colours of traditional feng shui:
earth – natural slate stone
wood – timber, pine
metal – stainless steel, brass and copper
water – integrated water features and silicate glass
fire – a fireplace.
The feng shui approach while refurbishing The Bow Den includes principles of both Traditional Form School and Black Hat Sect School applying the Eight Mansions Method (Bagua’) aiming to balance the five elements with design and colours to create the perfect yin and yang balance of the apartments.
Techniques such the Flying Stars, which is more of a personal approach to Feng Shui based on your Kua number (your lucky number) haven’t been applied in this project.
The flat is sitting East and Facing west, with dual aspect windows, meaning it is bathed with light from the very sunrise to the sunset.
The two bedrooms, according to the Bagua’ correspond to the career and wealth areas. This very auspicious for perspective professional tenants.

Comments, anyone?

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