Interestingness around Bow

Gordon Ramsay’s The Narrow – Limehouse Cutout

One of the most enjoyable things I love about London is walking down the towpaths beside the Limehouse Cutout near The Bow Den. A scenic 15 mins walk along the canal will bring you to Gordon Ramsay’s favourite gastro-pub The Narrow. 

The Narrow is a Grade II listed building, located in the Limehouse area of East London, directly alongside the River Thames. A purpose-built customs and Dock Master’s house in the early 20th century, the building became a public house, initially called The Barley Mow and later refurbished and re-named The Narrow Street Pub and Dining Room.Given the area and the building’s rich history, Gordon Ramsay knew it was important to retain the historic qualities of the building whilst relating the design to the locality and the history of the Limehouse area. The wall colours are subdued to highlight features such as the fireplaces and lounge armchairs, and the wall space becomes vibrant through the use of historical black and white photography referencing the history of the area.In its new form, The Narrow offers a warm and relaxed environment where the emphasis is on good quality food with real ales and ciders.

Try the tomato and feta tart,heavenly.


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