The Bow Den

V-BLOG Day 13 – The bathroom epiphany.

Yesterday NOT my lucky day: place still looks like a bomb-site with a huge deal of plumbing work that needed to be done and that unbearable tile-cutter noise that nearly made me deaf. Part from that in terms of visual improvements it was Zero, Nicht, Nada.

Today, much better day – The Mighty Erni Rama from Selita Building Services (God bless him and his company!!) saved the day by fixing the bath drainage – apparently copper pipes dated back to the Jurassic Age!  Tiling in the bathroom is nearly done minus a tiny area and tomorrow the supa-doopa vanity unit will go in! Yay!

Since we had not enough room for a separate shower and since I always hated shower-screens in bathtubs, I designed a bespoke partition wall to enclose the shower area. It will be all tiled up with the beautiful splitfaced slate and it will give the impression of a walk-in shower integrated in the Jacuzzi. Me likey 🙂


Comments, anyone?

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