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Day 19 – Renovating survival guide

I guess this is the price to pay when one decides to quit the rat-race and completely devote oneself to a challenging life-changing experience like property development on a shoe string.  And since we wanted to avoid paying extra rent on top of mortgages costs there was no other choice but ‘camping’ in a semi-demolished property. We survived our 1st project a year ago and we will endure this one as well [I hope.] What you see in picture I (above) is our most precious possession: A rice cooker/steamer/slow-cooker where we basically cook all our meals, from Asian steamboats to poached eggs to even pasta! it has been a life saver so far since our kitchen is currently in pieces.

Picture II is our lovely pantry! A box where we stack all our cutlery, plates and canned food.

Picture III is our washing left to dry on the door handle. It feels like boy-scouting back in the day…


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