The Bow Den

VLOG Day 23 – Don’t be fooled by the picture below, that’s not our kitchen [yet]

DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE PICTURE ABOVE! THAT IS NOT OUR KITCHEN [YET] This was part of my kitchen moodboard while designing and it gave me the inspiration for the led lights, rather than those ugly under cabinet neon that I hate with the passion.

It has been only 23 days since the beginning of The Bow Den Project and it feels like a year to me! I haven’t been updating the blog much because of a few hiccups such the slate tiles in the bathroom that turned darker after being sealed and a temperamental kitchen drain. On the bright side we’ve got the kitchen being assembled this very moment: very modern, very minimal, zen-like with a few accents here and there that you will see once its all done. The kitchen taps and sink are totally lush, both from top Italian designer manufacturer, and the dining table will be coming out from the wall like…it is part of the wall!  Another stylish feature will be the strip of cool white led lights that will run under the cabinet and along the plinth.

I wish I could show you more visual than wording but I will have to wait few more days…


Comments, anyone?

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