The Bow Den

Day 25 – Working on the stair parts

Our original staircase was the typical plain and boring timber model. It was made of a very thick and heavy balustrading system that was blocking all the light. So, naturally we decided to give the staircase a total makeover.

We also knocked down the partition wall that once enclosed the living room and we’re now placing a balcony

Never thought stair parts could be so complicated! If you dare straying away from the conventional stairs design be ready to get lost in a zillion of confusing websites, incompetent sales people, wrong answers and quotes that will make your head spin! Fact is, it is not in the stairs specialists/supplier best interest to give you too much information, since they want to sell you their systems (Fusion,Axxys, S-vision etc.) or their pricey bespoke services.

It looks like you cannot get anything below a thousand pound. That’s the magic word. Timber frame and tension wire kit? Thousand Pounds. Glass in-fills and and steel posts? Thousand pounds. Buying the loose parts? Thousand pounds too!

The wire rope is the cheapest component. It works out cheaper than the glass infill and its about 1 pound per meter, but what really hits the budget is the fitting kit which is priced in excess of 35 pounds per length. That still sounds ok until you realise you need about 8 lengths per stair run and you have three different types of stair runs inc. balustrades, handrail etc.  The total amounts end up being about 700. Then you factor in the steel post and the total amount sums up to a thousand pounds!

Finally you find a guy who manages who sell you the fitting kit for half of the price  (350 instead of 700) until he adds in the steel posts for a total of…yes, a thousand pounds.

After much researching, 3d designing and head scratching we finally got the budget under control again. We compromised and rather than replacing the whole thing we’re now keeping the existing timber posts, getting rid of the old timber balustrading and installing wire rigging between the posts. Once the timber parts will be properly treated and varnish like our wooden floors, the result will be very beautiful, bright and contemporary.

And we did it for….500 pounds!!!


Comments, anyone?

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