My Blog Guest: Incorporating antique fireplaces into your modern home

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Over the years, styles in which houses have been built have changed countless times. In the18th and 19th centuries houses were built in Jacobean, Neo Gothic or Georgian style. All of these previous designs have influenced today’s modern and contemporary home. Despite the constantly changing landscape of residential architecture, there has been one constant throughout the years: the fireplace.

An antique fireplace gives people a connection to the past, which often provides a sense of comfort. A modern home is filled with countless high-tech gadgets and gizmos that are a glimpse into the future first experienced by the American TV show ‘The Jetsons’. By having an antique fireplace in your modern home, whether it be big or small, formal or understated, allows yourself to step back into centuries past and appreciate the beauty of man’s great creation.

Whether you opt for a fireplace, or antique hob grates, the antique fireplace plays an important role in your home’s decoration. One of the most popular and classic styles is the Georgian fireplace. Often made of wood or marble, with its sleek lines a distinct carving, a Georgian fireplace epitomises all that was classic in the Georgian era. It will remain the focal point of the room, and be admired by all who see it. The Georgian style has the classic feel that will be appreciated for years to come.
A worry that owners of modern homes have is that they will not be able to integrate antiques into the home’s contemporary style. If done correctly, however, you can mix the ancient and modern styles to create a layered, eclectic style that will make your interior decoration feel bold and exciting. This style of mixing old and new goes further than a fireplace. Furniture, lamps, and tables also play a part in making your home’s décor all your own. One way to make this work is to infuse furniture and accessories from all eras. If you have a Georgian fireplace, contrast it with a sofa from the Victorian era and a coffee table from the 60s. This will give your room proper flow and not make one piece stand out more than any other, which is important in a modern home.

There is no questioning the sense of comfort a fireplace provides. It gives off warmth, light and is the perfect place to gather the family around after a long day. The fireplace must give off the same feel as the actual fire. It must welcome people around it. In a modern home many of the objects, especially the most technologically advanced, can be cold and off-putting. A perfect way to combat this feeling in a contemporary living space is to install and antique fireplace. It will give your home that warm, cosy feeling that wraps you up and eases the stress of your day.



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