My Blog Guests: Be Creative In Lighting Up Your Home

Increasing numbers of homeowners are now discovering what a major influence wall lighting can have on the atmosphere of the home. Wall lights are so much more versatile than ceiling lights — they can be positioned almost anywhere and at any angle, and can be used not only for specific tasks, but to impart a particular mood or ambience to a room, as desired. It has never been so easy to choose exactly how you want to light your home.

Most Suitable Places
If you decide you want to fit out your home with wall lights, you should start by studying each room in turn, to decide what type of lighting is most suitable, and where it should go. The areas of the home that are probably the most obvious candidates for wall lighting are the bedrooms, the living room, and the hall/landing area. These are the places where ambience is more important than a strong light for performing a specific task.

Bedroom And Landing
The bedroom is a particularly good place for wall lighting — a soft, diffuse lighting is appreciated as you prepare for bed and gradually relax. In bedrooms it is a good idea not to position the light too high up on the wall. Wall uplighters are a particularly good choice, as they allow light to shine upwards and create a focal point, and then to bounce or reflect off the wall, providing extra light. On the landing, a single pair of vertical wall lights should provide sufficient illumination, and enhance its appearance as well. What would look stunning here would be a pair of halogen 10-light chrome wall lights — the 10 halogen low voltage lamps inside them provide a body of light without any glare.

Show Off Your Living Room
The living room is the hub of the house — not only the place where you gravitate for relaxation, but the place where you entertain your visitors. This means you want the room to have the most relaxing atmosphere possible, as well as being a place you can show off to the best advantage. The lighting also needs to fit in with the style of your décor, whether it is traditional, cottage-style, or ultra-contemporary. For a contemporary style, a single piece of strong wall lighting would fit in, although not looking very cosy, whereas a cottage or antique style would benefit from several sources of light, some of them hidden.

The Richest Choice
There is in fact an almost infinite range of wall lighting solutions to suit any style, décor or usage. The richest choice can be found at Wofi Lighting, with every option available — traditional and modern, single and double, uplights and downlights, swing-arm lights and LED wall lights. Be creative, decide how to light up your home, and whatever you choose you will find it here.

Article published on behalf of All Lit Up, the UK lighting experts.


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