Muswell Cove

Working on the bathoom


Right. It has been a long time since our last update. Truth is things have been extremely difficult with budget hic-ups, neighbour complaints, and logistics “challenges”. But we are back on track now. The flat is now fully insulated, with double glazing doors and windows installed and the wc is finally connected to the main sewer – We also have the basin being connected as we speak – meaning there is water, heating and electricity which is enough for us to ‘survive’ in the development while carrying on with the works.  The bathroom is coming up together beautifully: We installed the swanky washbasin/vanity from Hudson Reed (same model we chose for our other property in Bow). The rainfall effect shower head is also from the Hudson Reed luxury range. While the floor tiles are gorgeous Italian ceramic ”concrete-effect” from Rondine Group.  But more importantly, the bathroom walls are totally seamless and tile free: We opted for glossy, glass-effect acrylic panels instead. Not those cheap pvc cladding with the connecting strip pattern every 25cm…I am talking about large, gorgeous panels with a super gloss finish that will look exactly like glass. They are mainly used in commercial showrooms these days.




Comments, anyone?

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