Interestingness in Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill dog cafe: Treats for the Modern Hound!

In London it can be difficult to own a pet for a variety of reason.  Concerns like long working hours and commutes, private landlords not allowing them, and incompatible lifestyles, are just some of the obstacles facing pet owners.

Finally there is some good news for all you doggie people living in Muswell Hill…

Scooby’s Boutique is a new dog-friendly artisan coffee bar in north London. And it sells great coffee, scrummy cakes and other bakery treats. It’s a dog-friendly space so there’s also a separate doggy menu for our four-legged friends alongside stylish accessories for the modern hound.Image

Check them out at Facebook or on Twitter at @ScoobysBoutique, or maybe even go there in person (ala 20th Century style).

Remember to follow us on Twitter at @AtHomeLondon.


Comments, anyone?

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