Muswell House

New Landscaping for Muswell House, N10

garden muswell house

We’ve been keeping busy with this little Summer project to spoil our tenants a little more!

Muswell House garden was in need of a lot of TLC following the development of adjacent project The Cove.

The idea was to re-design space around the garden with a decking area to allow outdoor enjoyment. Since the usable space had shrunk considerably after splitting the garden into two, we had to think out of the box design-wise.

The new Muswell House garden now features both a green area and a decked space for our guests which can be accessed via the lawn and paving slabs.

Of course, every gardener will try to persuade you to plant flowers, seasonal plants and other high-maintenance bits and bobs but we’ve gone beyond that and preferred to add a few evergeen shrubs and grasses to keep this lovely garden lush and colourful whatever the season.

Our choice was a combination of:

gold crest, red star, hedera helix, box hedge and pampas grass that will hopefully grow big, fluffy and beautiful when our honeysuckle and hibiscus will be bare in winter.

More pictures to come once the grass seeds will grow back into a beautiful lawn!


1085309_308293926010610_1217713279_n unnamed aidan planting


Comments, anyone?

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